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Mackenzie Ricketts

As Front Office Executive, I am the first voice you hear when you call our office, and the first smile you meet as you walk through our door. I take pride in my responsibility of making all guests feel welcome and important. I manage client inquiries and I'm committed to being more. If I don't know the answer, I communicate and follow up to ensure you receive the information as quickly as possible and that you enjoy the experience of working with me along the way. I'm also your go-to for coordinating meetings with advisors and other team members.

Growing up on a dairy farm in rural Illinois alongside my two sisters has taught me valuable principles about life. First and foremost, it's almost impossible to accomplish great things without the help of others, and secondly, I'm not cut out to be a dairy farmer.

I followed in my great-grandmother's footsteps by entering the field of Cosmetology. I found reward in helping others feel and look their best. After marrying my husband, Jacob in 2018, we relocated to Philadelphia, PA to follow his dream, and shortly after, we had our son Cullen! I hung up the apron after 7 years in the beauty industry to navigate being a first-time mother without the support of family close by. A couple of years later, Jacob received another job opportunity that took us to colorful Colorado!

While I feel blessed that I was able to stay home with Cullen for 2 years, moving to Colorado in 2022 has allowed me to get back into the workforce. I'm able to take my experiences from working as a hairstylist to The Guardian Group by making sure everyone feels important and building close relationships with our members. I find gratification in helping and supporting others, and I'm so happy I've found a role and team that puts me in a position to continuously give back. Living in a new state and town with no personal connections, I feel grateful I've found a community of people at Guardian who treat me like family.

If you don't see me behind our front desk, you might have luck looking out for me at a CU Football game (GO BUFFS!), a playground with Cullen, or a local brewery...send me all your recommendations!

Getting to know Mackenzie

Favorite food

I love smoked brisket or pork shoulder. The time and patience it takes to make is definitely worth it. Oh, and mashed potatoes. And sushi. I love any kind of food, honestly.

What would you sing at karaoke night

Anytime my older sister and I get together, you can guarantee "Earl Had to Die" by The Chicks will be belted over the speakers.

Favorite Quote

"Find the Good" In memory of my sister's mother-in-law, Tammy Evans.

What is your favorite tradition

Growing up, my family would get together on Christmas Eve at my grandparent's house and we'd exchange gifts with all of the cousins. So many memories were made and it's even more special now with grandkids running around.

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