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Lee Maulsby

As a Financial Advisor, my goal is to help you meet your financial goals and vision for your life. I have special insight into the life of first responders. Both my father and brother are firefighters, and in 2009 I answered my calling to join as a firefighter and paramedic. My family has a tradition of being on the frontline that runs generations deep; from Army Paratroopers to Air Force Fighter Pilots, even as far back as the Calvary. Being a first responder has taught me how important it is to have a plan because your life can change at any time. I continue this role today, while simultaneously pursuing the fulfillment I find in helping first responders and others throughout my community. I believe that the traits of being a firefighter; trust, honor, and doing the right thing no matter how difficult, are equally as important to my financial clients.

I began my career in financial services in 1999 in a variety of roles that have varied in scope from financial planning to client education. Most notably, I spent several years traveling the country with a major national financial institution, training and facilitating the onboarding of recently acquired companies integrating into their parent company.

I am a Colorado native living in South Denver. I love adrenaline-filled activities and golfing with friends. I also spend time working with kids who are burn survivors as a mentor for them along their healing journey. Additionally, I'm on the fundraising board for Creating Ties Burn Foundation.

Getting to know Lee

Favorite quote

“Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.” Albert Einstein

Best piece of financial advice you’ve received

There are two days that are the best to begin saving; yesterday and today. If you didn’t start yesterday then you can start today!

What motivates you

I am motivated by the thought of using the moments I have to enrich the lives of the people I have surrounded myself with. If I live only for myself then I have wasted my time on Earth.

What is your favorite thing about your career

I really enjoy that I get to choose the clients I work with, it’s truly a partnership. I get excited when my clients reach the goals that they have worked toward. It is a special moment for me when a client sees how they have bettered their family’s lives.

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