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Joe Harl

As a Financial Advisor, my top priority is to assist you in achieving your personal financial success, regardless of your current financial status. Over the course of my career, I have developed meaningful relationships with my clients, which have helped me gain a greater understanding of how unexpected life events can impact individuals and their families. My passion lies in helping those who may be facing furloughs, layoffs, or anyone seeking to proactively prepare for future uncertainties. And I am humbled to have been recognized as a 2023 Marquis Who's Who recipient.

Growing up in Western Oklahoma, I’ve been surrounded by the Oil & Gas industry most of my life. After attending Southwestern State University, I started my long career in the industry as a Wireline Engineer. Over the course of twenty years, I was promoted to LWD Engineer, Service Coordinator, and Operations Manager for over 300 engineers. Each of these roles has offered me experiences that have shaped me to become the trustworthy and approachable person I am today.

Having spent as much time as I have in the Oil & Gas industry, I’ve become all too familiar with the volatility and unpredictability that come along with the job. Because of my experience, I understand the importance of having a sound financial plan to provide for you and your family.

The relationships I’ve established throughout my career are what I value most. And because of the number of people, I’ve met and established relationships with over the years, I’m passionate about helping people who may be experiencing furloughs, layoffs, or simply want to be prepared for what might come next. Whatever your current financial position may be, whether you’re just starting out in your career, or are a veteran in the workforce, I am committed to helping you achieve your personal financial success.

My wife Tyler and I made the move to Denver, Colorado in early 2020 from Oklahoma City. We knew very quickly this was our new home. When I’m not spending time with our clients and friends, I enjoy golfing and traveling. Tyler and I have so much fun exploring all of Colorado – from weekend trips to the mountains to the food and the breweries – and we always have our best friend and Aussiedoodle right beside us.

Getting to know Joe

Best piece of financial advice you've received

Most people don’t plan to fail; they fail to plan.

Favorite Book

"The Unstoppable Golfer" I’m not saying it will fix that nasty slice, but it will get you in the right mind frame to believe in yourself.

Biggest accomplishment

My marriage to my breathtaking wife Tyler. A lot of people say they have a great marriage, but I can honestly say that ours is something special. I’ve never had a connection like I do with my wife. #blessed!

What would you sing at karaoke night

First off, no one wants to hear me sing at karaoke but if I had to choose one to sing it would be “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver.

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