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Andy Heese

As President & Founder of The Guardian Group since 2004, it’s my greatest pleasure to support my community, friends, and family of friends, and serve alongside some of the most talented professionals.

I studied finance and international business at Colorado State University where I also played defensive back on their football team. Prior to founding The Guardian Group, I entered the financial services industry in 1999, where I worked on the institutional side of investing. While this offered great training and experience, I learned early on that I did not want to be held captive to a company’s revenue goals, and that the amount of money in someone’s bank account is not the most important thing. I consider myself to be blessed to have had the rare opportunity to experience the industry from both sides. It’s helped me understand that people, myself included, want to be seen for who they are, and our personal dreams and goals are what make us all unique.

I am blessed to be married to my high school sweetheart, Dina, and we live in the Arvada community with our four children, Jaden, Jude, Cruz, and Silvi. Our personal time as a family is spent cheering our children on at football and basketball games and doing our best to stay active. Our family is also bilingual in Spanish, and in 2007, my wife and I founded a school in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, “The Volcanes Community Education Project". We help educate the children of the community in English, math, computer skills, and the arts. We currently have over 500 full-time students at our school and have a band, choir, circus, and dance team. We hope we are able to enrich the lives of these children and provide them unlimited opportunities for their future

Getting to know Andy

Best piece of financial advice you've received

“You are never too poor to give.”

If you could meet anyone, past or present, who would it be

I would love to go back to the late 40’s and early 50’s to spend time with my grandfather. He was the patriarch of our family, and his character really shifted the direction of our family for generations to come. He came from very rough beginnings and I would love the opportunity to spend time with him during the years that he was really growing into the man that he became.

What did you want to be when you were small

Without any question, I wanted to be a preacher just like my father and grandfather. The problem was I also wanted to be the starting middle linebacker for the Denver Broncos. And unfortunately, they both work on Sunday. So naturally, I went in a completely different direction and decided to be a Financial Advisor.

Biggest accomplishment

In 2007, my wife Dina and I founded an outreach school in Mexico with another family focusing on English, math & computer skills. Our idea was that we want to provide kids that haven’t had a lot of opportunities with a foundation built around their education. We found out very quickly that if we could help them become proficient in these areas, the number of options they would have in their future would increase tremendously. We now have hundreds of kids come through our school and move on to high school, college, and beyond! It has been an incredible blessing to our family and countless other families that are involved with our close-knit school family.

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